While you might not be familiar with the Jackson Street Bridge, you have almost certainly seen it’s view. Some of the most famous pictures of the Atlanta skyline come from the bridge which located near the intersection of Jackson Street NE and Highland Avenue NE. When facing west on the bridge, one can view the entire Atlanta skyline! The bridge has long been a hotspot for photographers from the around the world to photograph the beautiful skyline, and more recently, the bridge (and it’s view) have become a tourist attraction.

One of the most famous advertisements for The Walking Dead comes from the Jackson Street Bridge. The ad (below) was used as to promote the first season of The Walking Dead in 2010. Since the show’s premiere, fans from around the world have gathered on the bridge to experience that iconic view themselves. You can read more about the bridge and it’s favorite view in a story from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution here.

The Atlanta Skycam was installed near the bridge to provide the world with a live, 24/7 view similar to what one can find on the bridge. From tourists looking to get a sneak peak of the city before their trip, to locals wanting to see what the weather looks like, we hope you enjoy the view!

The Walking Dead - Atlanta Skycam View

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